Just the numbers.

Small X3 Class: 5 clients, $25 per person, 20 minute class duration = $375/hour of class time.

Medium X3 Class: 20 clients, $20 per person, 20 minute class duration = $1,200/hour of class time.

Large X3 Class: 40 clients, $15 per person, 20 minute class duration = $1,800/hour of class time.

A Spin Class business model, but without the overhead or the competition.

Spin classes are big business, driving $112,000,000.00 in revenue for SoulCycle in 2014. But for that same reason they are now offered at almost all fitness facilities. So they don't represent a unique value propositin for you compared to your competition. That revenue also comes with significant overhead. A spin class requires a large floor space, and it uses up that square footage even when it is not generating any revenue. It's fitting that SoulCycle was purchased by a real estate conglomerate. X3 is different. It's fresh onto the market, so if you are the first to offer it in your region, you have a competitive advantage. Depending on how much more forward thinking your business is than your competitors, you might be offering X3 classes for years before they catch on. As you'll see in a minute, that could net you a lot of additional income.

It's possible to pay for your investment in the first week.

Retail on one X3 Pro is currently $529*. This price represents a nearly ideal number for the enterprising small business owner. You don't actually want the product to be any cheaper, because that limits your ability to charge a reasonable price per class. If you want to charge customers $15-$30 per X3 group class, the product can't be cheap enough that your customers would rather just buy it for themselves.

Make no mistake, we have had great success selling the X3 to individuals, and some people will choose to buy instead of taking your class. But there are plenty of people who absolutely will not pay $529. Your class then becomes the only way for them to use X3.

On the otherhand, you likely don't wish that X3 was far more expensive. Sure, it is possible to buy fitness equipment that costs $5,000 or $10,000 a piece, or to lease equipment that costs hundreds of dollars a month. And while that also gives you confidence that your customer will not buy such devices for home use, you will be paying dearly for that.

By contrast, the X3 Pro is quite managable. 6 units at $529 each is a modest $3,174 investment. If you assume that your instructor will use 1 unit, then that permits a small class with just 5 clients. With the potential for personal attention from the trainer in such a small group, you could reasonably charge $25 per person, getting you a gross of $125 per class.  

And each class will only last 20 minutes. That means even if you pay your instructor $30/hour, you still net $115 in profit on every class. And it also means you can run 2 classes every hour on the same set of equipment, if you have enough clients. 16 classes in an 8 hour workday. Netting you $115 per class. That means the upper end of profit potential on 6 units is $1,840 per day.  

That's probably just about impossible to achieve, demand will not be equal accross all business hours. But if you manage to fill 6 classes a day, you've still earned $3,450 in the first 5 days. More than you invested. And if you keep it up, $3450 per week is $179,400 per year. Please note that we reccomend X3 users engage in workouts 4 days per week to start, and then escalate to 6 days per week.  Therefore operating 6 classes a day for the whole week will only require you to find 30 members who enjoy the workout enough to return consistently.

Also, please keep in mind that 5 people is a fairly small class. The model we reccomend is more like that of a spin class, and X3 can be used in groups of 20 or more people.

*For larger orders, wholesale pricing is available (fill out the form below), but you'll see that the math works out very well for you even at MSRP.

Your clients will love their results.

If you want to know what to expect your clients to say after using X3, just take a look at what our customers have been saying after using the X3's they purchased:  https://facebook.com/x3bar/reviews

We couldn't make a stronger argument than those reviews if we wanted to. You may have noticed that the reviews make extensive reference to how X3 helped users achieve better results than weight lifting. Read on and you will see that there is a scientific argument for this effect, and we provide educational materials so that you may leverage this scientific argument in your promotion of X3 classes.

Also, you'll notice that the only complaint is from people who can't afford the price of entry. As we discussed this is actually an upside for your group classes, since it increases your ability to charge the classes and reduces the number of people who will buy the product themselves instead of paying you a reccurring fee.  

Backed by research and cutting edge health evangelists like Dave Asprey.

X3 is new and different, and backed by a significant amount of research. It's also been endorsed by cutting edge health evangelists like Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield. This is not a me-too product, or an exercise trend that has already peaked. If you present your clients with our research and training principles, and get them started on the X3 now, you will be building your reputation with them as a valuable source of information and a thought leader at the cutting edge of changes in the fitness industry. You will be the early investor in the future of fitness.

Hours of online training materials are provided.

So far we have produced more than 70 online videos for X3 covering workouts, individual exercises, and the research and principals of physiology surrounding X3's use. Most of these videos are available to the public on the Jaquish Biomedical YouTube channel, but many additional videos are provided only to customers. Regardless, once you have completed your X3 purchase you or your employees will have access to video educational materials explaining everything you need to know about X3 and the myriad of workouts and exercises that can be done with it. There are also extensive science and physiology explanations of the X3 principles and how those lead to superior results from X3 when compared to other workout modalities.  

What's it look like?

Here's an example of an X3 workout as performed by Dr. Jaquish. Only a few exercises are demonstrated, but you should have an idea of how the product works. Also note Dr. Jaquish's level of exertion during the workout. Exercise with X3 is quite intense:

Let our advertising drive leads to you.

This is a perk that is currently available for free to early adopters. As we continue to grow and it becomes more valuable, we may change the requirements and terms, or it may become a premium feature.  

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on online marketing. This drives thousands of daily site visitors. If you purchase 6 or more X3 Pro's, and agree to make at least one available for demonstration to visitors, your business location can appear on the "X3 Demo Center" location finder on our website. If customers in your area are driven to our site by our advertising, and find your location, you are welcome to pitch them on X3 classes and to sell them one of your X3's.  

What's more, as long as they are allowed to demo the X3, you may also pitch them on your other services. Based on customer LTV for their existing fitness services, we have one location that has recieved over $25,000 in converting leads for their primary business, from being on our location finder.  

A word of warning. This is a limited time offer AND must not be the basis of your business. While locations in highly populated areas have derived tens of thousands of dollars of benefit from the location finder, this cannot be guaranteed for you, for many reasons. Among them is the fact that if a lead does travel to your location, someone there will have to close the sale. Please do not depend on the location finder, but note that it is a free bonus currently available for X3 business customers.

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