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X3 is the research proven key to extremely rapid physique transformations.  X3 is the result of little known clinical research performed at Cornell University, and empowers you with the secret training methodology that has broken more than 140 strength world records in the past few years, but with X3 you don't need expensive custom devices costing thousands of dollars, or an extra room to store them in.  

X3 is the 10 minute a day workout that's not cardio or weights, but transforms your body better than either.  We've spent thousands of hours meticulously building the perfect, scientifically backed workout to get you the most benefit out of the least time.  These online videos show you exactly what you need to do with your X3, and it really does only take about 10 minutes a day.  Exercise intensity is unmatched, time commitment is minimal, and results are unbelievable.  X3 isn't an ordinary fitness product, because X3 was engineered by medical researchers and is endorsed by everyone from professional body builders and celebrity trainers to busy executives.

X3 offers life-changing exercise benefits and it's built right here in the USA. 

What you get:

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One X3 bar - Made from specially machined alloy steel with internal bearings, like an olympic bar so that grip is optimized at all times. Designed to hold over 500lbs (yes, 500lbs) of force.

One X3 Ground Plate - Made from marine grade high density polyethylene, specially designed to mount bands to the floor upwards of 500lbs force.

12 Week Program - Similar to P90X, X3 has 12 weeks of workouts available in progression, from beginner to advanced, adding intensity and nutrition advice, for maximum gains, and fat loss. 

Four Serious Steel bands - Titan biomedical has worked with industry leaders to acquire the most complex resistance bands ever made. Extra-Light, Light, medium, and heavy bands made from layered latex of exceptional thickness. These are the bands that can deliver the most powerful variable resistance workout you have ever seen.

A home gym can easily cost $3,000, but with X3 you'll gain muscle 3X faster (learn more about this research) and for a tenth the cost.

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X3 has been granted more than 65 foreign and domestic patents. 


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